Virgin? Hang in there

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Place a prize tag on yourself, and know who you are in Christ.  

Once a woman gives away her virginity she can never take it back! It is gone. The Lord designed sex for married people; it is one of the strongest gifts God has given us. He did not create sex to be abused. Do not sell your short: know who you are in Christ.  

Sex comes with a lot of responsibility: for every partner you stay with, you leave off a part of yourself. Most times, the result of that act comes with shame, guilt and pain. But that is not what God intended for His children: He wants you to live free of guilt, shame and pain. He wants to give you the BEST. Keep yourself for your husband: your purity/virginity is one of the greatest gift you can honour him with. Your husband deserves the best of you.  

If you have lost your virginity due to certain circumstances, Jesus doesn’t love you less, neither will you be exempted from entering Heaven or left to grieve in shame and pain, but you have to decide to live a life of purity and fulfilment. Free yourself from your guilt through the Word of God, ask God for forgiveness, ask Him for help. You can also contact us and we will go through this together.  

Modernity gives the impression that staying a virgin till you marry is archaic, but  it does not teach you the consequences of Sin. The media sells sexuality as a strength of personality, but does not tell you that there are consequences to fornication/adultery/sexual perversion. Every action has a price tag! Your actions today map out the blue-print of your life in the future. Make the right choices and you will live a wonderful life where you would have joyful memories in your old age.   

The Bible says “flee from fornication……”. Why would God say ‘Flee‘? Why would he say ‘Run’? It is because He knows the consequences of fornication; He knows what the devil will do with people who commit this Sin against the body! Every manufacturer has a manual that tells you how what he has manufactured functions effectively and what not to do with what he has manufactured.  Your friend’s may laugh at you for making up your mind to remain a virgin, or abstain from sex; let them laugh. Why? Because at the end of the day, or in 20 years down the line, you are much better emotionally than they will be if they continue to give of themselves that which should be kept for marriage.  

Shame is a powerful force, it is a condemning force and this devourer can make one go into depression and complacency. Avoid this. Jesus died for us to be free from the law of sin and death: He died to redeem us. We are the fruit of redemption; and as a child of God you will have the Fruit of the Spirit of God that will guide you in life and make you the Best He has created you to be.  

Stay pure, stay focused, stay in God, stay happy and live a life without resentment. Wait for your husband, put a price tag on yourself, be a woman of dignity and influence, and love yourself. You have to love yourself first before anyone can wholeheartedly love you! You should have a healthy self-esteem, and value the God-given abilities in you.  

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