Life’s challenges

Reflections & Prayer  

I sit with my laptop on the soft sofa and I reflect on my life
It has been a while in a new environment
new nation
new Country
new marital status
And a
new Life……
And I wonder what I have done wrong to be able not to bag a professional Job?
Is it my CV?
Is it my Cover Letter?
Is it the words I spoke forth in years past?
Is it this or that?
Or am I going through a training process?
Father I really do not know at this point…….
Please open my eyes to see what you see
My mind to comprehend the times in which we are
My Spirit to discern
Please help me in my journey to Building my Faith strong.
You have put so much in my Heart
And made me to take a glimpse into the future you’ve set before me
Show me the way Lord
Show me the Path
Show me your Will
Use me for your Glory
Let your Glory shine upon me and liberate this heart of concern
Drown me in your wisdom
Drown me in your Grace
Lift me to yourself
Bestow your beauty and Tenacity upon me
Show me the way I should go and I will never depart from it.
Above all Lord
Thank you for the Gift of Life and your Blessings
For your Love and compassion
For your listening Ear
And Prophetic Words
I am forever grateful.

Composed by ‘kechi I’

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