The mind experiences constant battles everyday. The Bible says “…we have not been given the spirit of Timidity and fear, but of Love, of Power, and of a Sound mind.(

It will interest you to know that;

Love, power, and a sound mind are spiritual: they are brought about by the Spirit of God.

Hatred,  timidity, fear  are also spiritual: They are brought about by the spirit of the enemy-the devil.

These attributes are spiritual and can only be successfully assessed spiritually. Drugs/Medicines can only combat the effects of depression, BUT cannot Heal depression. Depression robs one of one’s dignity, self-worth, vision, dreams and happiness: it is a negative force.

God is not the author of depression or confession, he is the lover of Peace and comfort. He wants you joyful, He wants you fulfilled, He wants you full of Love and life.

Loved one, depression is not of God, it is not for you! Rise up, take up that pain and lay it at the feet of Jesus. Talk to God about your pains, the depression, the hurts. Do not let the enemy steal your Joy, do not allow the enemy steal your future. Your tomorrow is better than today, believe the Word of God, believe His Love, believe His personality, believe Him.

Has your Husband/Wife deserted you?

Have you been estranged from your child/children for a while?

Have you waited for a husband for long?

Has your child gone way-ward?

Are you sick and in pain?

Do you have regrets and pain from your actions in the past?

Have you been in a lot of relationships that never seem to last long?

Did you just loose a baby/child?

Do you find yourself constantly depressed for no reason?

Jesus is calling you today! He wants to heal your heart, He wants to be there for you? He wants to give you Joy, He wants to hug and hold you, He wants to protect your mind and Heal your body. No matter what you’ve done in the past, He is willing to give you a new life and make you whole.

Loved one, choose Life today; kick off depression, shed-off your crumbled past, pick up yourself and run towards a better tomorrow. The Word of God is your guide and medicine to your soul, body and spirit.

Please, if you need prayers and want to share your story with us click here. You can also leave a comment below.

God loves you and We Love you too.

Recommended Books:

Look good, Feel great, by Joyce Meyer

Battlefield of the mind, by Joyce Meyer

God’s Trophy Women, by T D Jakes

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