Dealing with Unforgiveness?

FOCUS on Forgiveness

The greatest thing you can ever do for yourself is to forgive the person who violated, betrayed, belittled or annoyed you. That is when your healing begins!

The enemy seeks to build strong holds in our minds! It is never too late for a new beginning and you are never too old to forgive. Let us build a scenario here:

” Taking a break from his calculating thought process, Larry pushed in his keyboard slide got off his chair, and went downstairs to make a cup of coffee. He had been working for 5 hours at solving a calculating programme for a client and had about 3 hours to his presentation.
Jeanne wanting to speedily copy out a document for the next day, comes into the study, puts in her flash drive, copies the document and leaves.
Larry collides with his wife on her way out of the study and spills the hot coffee on himself; screaming in pain, he makes a run for the bathroom. Jeanne feeling sorry for her husband, helps him take off his shirt.
Larry feeling better, but still twitching from the hot burn on his chest, takes his seat in front of the computer to continue his work. He awakes his sleeping screen, but doesn’t find His previous work. Desperate and impatient, Larry searches his folder and finds the original file, he opens it, but discovers that his 5-hour correction and calculations  had not been saved before his wife had mistakenly closed it!!
Larry did make the appointment, but there were a lot of loop holes in his presentation and his company lost the multi-billion dollar contract. His wife’s mistake almost cost him his job.”

This is a mirror image of the battles people face all around the world: the people they call friend, family are the one’s that hurt them brutally.

Loved one, you are not alone in your pain! Jesus is there by your side. People feel pain, but what they do with the pain is what determines how far they go in life.

Unforgiveness is a destiny thief! It stripes a person of everything over time (dignity, peace, happiness). Let the pain go: come to Jesus and lay your pain at His feet. Ask Him to help you forgive your assailant, family, friend, teacher, husband, wife…. Cry to Him, call on Him, do not be ashamed to pour your heart to Him. He is eve-willing to heal your heart and give you a song of Joy to sing.

The following Bible verses are healing verses:

There is so much Joy that flows through your heart when you decide to forgive; you feel liberated, and you feel your life take a forward leap

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