Love: A Decision not a Feeling

Love is not a Feeling, It is a Decision! It is active.

You are a spirit man in a body: your body houses your spirit, just the same way your house houses your mum,dad,siblings and more. Your spirit feeds on love, seeks for love and wants attention; but you’ve got to realize that true love is never found in another human being!

Attraction isn’t Love!

Attention isn’t Love!

A drive home everyday from school isnt Love!

Cuddling you when you are down and crying isn’t Love!

What you’ve read in books/novels about sex and love isn’t Love!

True love is described in 1st Corinthians 13:1-13, and these are the characteristics of God’s kind of love in which all other kinds of love originate from:

Love is kind and suffers long

Love does not envy

Love is not puffed up

Love is unselfish: does not seek her own gratification

Love is not easily provoked

Love does not think evil………

…..Love never Fails…

NO to sex outside marriage and YES to God’s Word

It still continues to describe Love in a more detailed way. God is Love, and He is the one who teaches you how to love truly. Most times, the human way of love brings along with it huge disappointments that leave you heart-broken, resentful and emotionally drained. This goes to show you that perfect love is not from man, but from love.

Your body is God’s place of dwelling. It should be treated with respect, dignity and cleanness. If a guy doesn’t respect you, you can be sure he will not respect your body or love you, he will possibly use you for his self-gratification. So why not wait! Sex comes with responsibilities. The main and basic creation for sex is for marriage; outside marriage, God calls it fornication, and it is a sin that is against the body, ” Flee fornication. Every sin that a man commits is outside the body, but he who commits fornication sins against his own body” (1st Corinthians 6:18)….

Do not be pressured into having sex, because every other teen is doing it. You are different! Your body is special, and should be treated with dignity and respect. We employ you to love yourself and keep yourself for your husband. There is so much joy in giving yourself wholly to your husband for the first time. If you have had sex in the past, we employ you based on God’s Word to ask for forgiveness and keep yourself pure for your husband.

Sex outside marriage, comes with pain, regret and responsibilities you are not yet prepared for. Your actions today determine the reactions you see in the future. the decisions you make today have consequences in the future.

The Zoe life of God is released into a man’s spirit when he becomes born-again. Now your spirit is recreated and you can have control over your mind by renewing your mind with the Word of God, and then you will discover that you really do not need anyone to make you feel loved, because you are the loved of God. In God, You will develop Hope and you will build your confidence in yourself.

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