Teen & Pregnant?

Find yourself pregnant, confused and deserted? Find your life in disarray and discontented? Feel your dreams crashing under your feet with the new discovery? Lost and weary?

The  discovery of a pregnancy could either come as a shock or a message of Joy. For most Teens, it is a shocking discovery, but what is more shocking is the discovery of their unreadiness to become a parent at an early age. For some, it comes with feelings of irritation, confusion, uncertainty and helplessness.

Life is full of decisions; and the decisions you make today are the Blue-print of your future tomorrow. A mistake has been made, but do not make a string of other heart-thumbing mistakes by destroying your baby, or if you have your baby, of not taking good loving care of him/her. A child is a blessing, and if properly and Godly brought up, will be one of the greatest pride you will have. Keep your baby, keep this bundle of Joy inside of you.

Your future is great. Do not give up on yourself. Do not give up on God’s ability to make someone great out of you. Your dreams are still alive, you’ve got to make up your mind to be who God wants you to be despite all. Decide to make something beautiful out of  your situation. Put away the confusion and pray; put away the depression and ask God for help. Man cannot give you the answers you so desperately need except God; study the Word of God. God is bigger than all the bedtime Bible stories that were read to us when we were young; He is the King over all kings and the creator of Life.

The manufacturer knows his product, because he manufactured it; that is why most electronic manufacturing companies have warranty and guarantee dates. God made you inside out and He is the one and only person you can go to for help when you feel damaged, confused, dis-functional or unhappy. He knows how to make you complete; he knows how to make you brand new and make you function effectively. Can you Trust Him today? He will never disappoint you or forsake you! Many people will laugh at you, accuse you, belittle you and call you names: that is because they are ignorant of what God can make out of your life.

You are Loved by God and he is calling you today to take His hand and walk with Him. Life without him is dim and bleak! If you do not believe in Him, take a minute and think of the miracle in your womb; how did this happen? How can a microscopic cell make something so beautiful? How is it possible that a woman can have a baby from a small blessed opening? It is phenomenal. There is a God and He is there with you at this very moment.

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We encourage you to buy a hard copy Bible that you can carry around with you, and you can you also mark references on, but if you do not have one at the moment, you can use this  Online Bible: http://www.biblegateway.com/

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