Praying for the sick in our Families and Hospitals.

Hello all. The hospitals are filled with people who need our prayers. People who never want to be sick, but enjoy the benefits of healthy living. In the same way, there might be family member that needs our prayers as they go through tough times with ill-health; let’s get down on our knees today and intercede for […]

Prayer for the 2012 Olympic Season in London

Hello all. Its been a fruitful, beautiful and awesome month and we are progressively concluding the month of July with the start up of the 2012 Olympic games. Awesome right. At this time I strongly believe we should pray for the Lord’s kids all around London, including visiting participants, families and loved one’s. Lets spend some time praying for […]

Pray for Tony Nicklinson

Many may support Tony’s decision and appeal to end his life, but we do believe there is a God and His Name is Jesus. It is not the Father’s pleasure to see His creation suffer… No! He loves us despite all and is the author of Life. We choose to pray for Tony…. We choose to speak […]