Lets take a journey back to several centuries ago….. When the first man was made!
From the times of the beginning of Adam and then Eve (who came from Adam’s ribs), the soul essence of her creation was to be a COMPANION, A helper….. Not a leave in lover, or a by the side fun tab. God made man and then woman, male and then female; He performed the first marriage ceremony, He said the first marriage blessings, He laid the first block of marital relationship.
Sex was first performed in the garden of Eden, first practiced and first approved by God for these two reasons:
– multiplication
– pleasure shared between a husband and a wife


Without Adam and Eve, there would never have been you or me. There wouldn’t be any one left if reproduction seized today: give it 150 years and the earth would have 1 or 2 aged people alive. In other words, one of the main purposes God created sex and attraction between male and female was to eventually initiate multiplication the God way (via Marriage)…. Read More


There is more to Life and the everyday activity of living: God is in the centre of creation, can you see Him? Experience Him everyday. Grow with Him.


Your Family, Your Future


Family is a force to do you good all the days of your life and is unconditional. Thus the enemy will do so much to disrupt this force and make it conditional!

Matthew 24:1, Vs 12

If the foundation on which a family is built is wrong, destroyed, then the outcome will be pain, anger, regret and death. Family is the Foundation of anything in life and any two forces can dwell in families:
1. Love : gods love is the winning factor in families. God works in love. Love doesn’t consider the wrong that’s been done to you.
Let’s start with this;
Is your family working in Love? Do you understand God’s kind of Love? Love is a commandment, a way of life…. Read More


Freedom from Depression- (Part 1)



Being a productive individual is a life long journey and seems tough enough as it is; without concrete  preparations, plans and stability, one’s life could become unproductive and monotonously driven which in time would lead to depression.

Self is a life long friend with an enormous taste for needs, wants and gratification. Self is a place, a state of being. Without self, one refuses to exist. Without self, one lives like the night and the day. Self is you, self is me.

You’ve got to create a productive personality for yourself, before you can effectively create a productive personality for someone else: in plain words, you’ve got to be a winner to make someone else win. It’s the 1st stage of creating a productive self that is the most crucial stage of all, from this stage other self stages are birth…. Read More


Live Right and Live Long (YOU)


Living right is a choice.

This means living within the precinct of God’s will. We, of our own free will cannot live right, think right, and love right. This is a thing of Grace, a way of life.

What is Living Right?

This means doing things the God way and not your way. A literal example is this, ‘Have you ever switched on your Kindle pad and the welcome screen reads “Welcome back Google Galaxy” ? Or probably you restarted your windows laptop and the start-up screen has the “Apple Logo”?’ I would guess NO would be your answer. Why? Because the companies who produce this items are not the same, they are different in vision, mission, operation and are owned by different people. In effect, they will have the Logo’s of their individual company, and they will operate in the fashion they were created and manufactured to operate in…Read More

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