•  Feed + Clothe the needy day

December 2012 we will be taking out  2 days in the month to feed the needy within  Gillingham in Kent, Charing Cross, and London. Have you got the cooking flare? Do you want to help out in serving and sharing? Have you got clothes to give out? Do let us know on or before 10 December 2012. To do so, fill out the form below, or text or call us on +447436775756 to speak to a member of the Team.



  • Summer 2012 (Event Outstanding)
  •  2012 Single Teenage Mom’s Conference

September is the Month, 2012 the year. This is going to be a unique, family and ladies time out with the Team. A time of fun, testimonies, fellowship, ideas, and getting to meet wonderful people from around the world. If you would like to attend, we would love to have you around; indicate your interest by filling out the form below and we will be in correspondence prior the event date.


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