Dear Teen Parent

The new decisions you’ve made are a signed deal. A reality far from daydreams and a present day glaring fact.  Sacrifices will have to be made, more energy will have to be exerted, and it will probably take you longer to get things completed in more time than your peers, but hopefully and surely with determination you’ll get there (that’s one of the reasons you have the Tboyb website and team).

Reality Halt:
Everyone wants to be loved. You want to be loved, but if this has taken a long leap away from you because of the circumstance surrounding your pregnancy or the birth of your child, you have to be strong. Strength is not in the multitude of words, but in the condition of the heart and in the understanding of who you really are.


1. You are a gift to your parents, but they are not commissioned to take responsibility and bear results of the decisions you make. If you are left out in the cold, they are trying so hard to understand why you’ve decided to make grown up decisions alone and make them feel part of the results. Remember, they’ve spent years caring for you and probably ignored their personal needs while doing so, and now you’ve irrevocably extended their care time to not only you, but your baby. They need time to rest, grow, take care of themselves and enjoy their lives: expecting so much more from them will be selfish.

2. You’ve got to speedily understand yourself. Hey! You have a child, growing up time is pretty much on the geometric ride, and you’ve got to catch up parallel to this ride. Do you understand yourself? Do you understand the path you have decided to take? Have you grasped the reality that you are now responsible for a young life and that this young life looks up to you for care, love, compassion and shelter? Do you know what you need to work on to become a better parent? Are you taking steps to becoming better? It’s time to discover yourself and Plan.

3. Have a plan. Without a plan, you will definitely become increasingly frustrated. Frustration is life long companion birth from continuous unfulfilled dreams that have no structured vision. Where do you plan to be in 12 months? What do you plan to accomplish in 12 months? How do you plan to get to where you want to be? How will you take care of your baby? When do you want your baby to get into nursery and where? How will it be funded? Do you want your child to live off benefits, or see you create value through paid hard work? You choose, you decide.

4. Be stable, be focused, stay positive and trust in God.

Our resources will help make you better at parenting. Stay tuned.

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