To reach our teenagers with the Good News of Jesus Christ and solutions for life. To tell of His Love, Healing, kindness, mercy, compassion, success, glory  and salvation.


By Helping and praying for our Teenage single mums and dads, and you

By praying for those in Emotional pain

By Praying for the Sick

Sharing the Word of God

Praying for Families

Praying for the Body of Christ (the Church)

….and finding a lasting solution..

You are First a Child of God before you are a wife, husband, brother, sister, teenager or child. You are a gift of Trust to your generation, and the Father Trusts you to live the life of Glory and dominion He has given to you. Therefore, the image you should have of yourself should be one of promise, usefulness and beauty.

You can have the Life of Beauty you have always dreamt of! Do you want a relationship with the Father that made You: Do you want Jesus Christ in your life? Do you love yourself enough to want to spend eternity in God’s presence? Do you itch for hope? Do you want to live the High life and not the low life? You first and foremost need to have a relationship with God!

You will find the following on this website:

* Bible refrences

* Links to resourceful websites

* Books

* Words of Wisdom from the Word of God

* Pray for Me

* and more..

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