About Us

We are a God-loving and People loving Team. One of the Lord Jesus instructions to Us is to ‘Love’. Love your neighbor as yourself; love like He loves.

We believe in seeing people the way Jesus sees them: He died for everyone. He gave up His life for YOU and for Me. There is indeed no greater Love than that which is shown by a man who lays down His life for His Friend’s.

The purpose of this site is to reach out to teenage single mums and dads around the world with the Word of God, to pray for them, work with them in times of difficulty, and to pray for people who are sick, oppressed, grieving and find life difficult to live.

No one hates himself: a man in trouble, only hates seeing himself go through the heartaches and difficulties in life because he believes he deserves better. Jesus gives you the BEST.

You are God’s Beauty and you are Beautiful/handsome. No-one can make you feel more Beautiful/handsome than you presently are: only God can bring forth your true beauty and glory.

To pregnant Teenagers, pregnant ladies, Teenage fathers to be and Fathers to be, who seem to be confused and confronted with the realities of  the circumstances they have found themselves in, we say Welcome to this site. We have been expecting you and we want to share the burden with you. Please note that for us, Abortion is not a solution or a way out, nor is it an escape path! It is in itself a living reality that creates a life-long chain of regrets and heartache if followed through.

If you just discovered you are pregnant and are at a crossroad, please send us an enquiry via the enquiry form and we will discuss this through.

Once again, welcome to our world of solutions, Love and a great future. You will definitely find topics and solutions to your questions.

Welcome to our world of possibilities in Christ.



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THERE IS MORE TO LIFE, and You can only discover the purpose or reason for your existence in the Word of God – the Bible.

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