You are Beautiful!

With the rumblings of scattered dreams comes the desire to give it all up..

With the loss of a dear one comes the questioning of the fairness of life…

With the pain of a broken heart comes the flood of insufficiency and inadequacy….

And with the struggle to become more comes the constant collision of oppositions…….

These will never seize in this world, but what will seize is the breathe of life!

So why worry? Why stay in depression? Why decide to be negative and unhappy?

Jesus died for your wellbeing so that you can live life to the fullness of His intentions for you

Jesus died for your pain so that you can take His peace

Jesus died for your struggles so that you can take His rest

Jesus died for disabilities, so that you can function in His abilities

Jesus died for that ailment, so that you can live divinely healthy

Jesus saw you, He saw the beauty in you, He saw the extraordinary abilities He deposited in you, He saw the battles ahead, and died to ensure that you win all the way….. if you accept Him and His Words.

He saw someone worth shedding His blood for!

He saw you and knew the breaking of his bones and piercing of his body were all worth the price for you!

He saw you and said… “You are tremendously Beautiful‘.

Have a lovely Easter All.

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