Heal Connecticut Lord, Heal their Land

Praying at this time for the families of the 20 shot children and 6 adults in Newton, Connecticut. Lord, no mum has to hear her tiny young child has been shot dead, no dad wants to be told that his baby is no more, no friend wants to hear that their friend will no more be around to have a chat: we pray for the families of the children and adults whose lives have been shortened in a brutal way, that your Healing will flow through their hearts and minds…..

Friends, the weapons of our warfare are not canal… The enemy is a friend to no one…. On his wake he leaves death, pain and devastation… But we have the Spirit of God and we can take charge of our towns, villages, cities and nation through prayer, the Word and with power.

Heal Newton, Connecticut Lord, please heal their land. In Jesus Name. Amen

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