A tax opinion..The future

The government of a Nation isn’t there to please the rich neither is it there to enrich the poor by placing disadvantages on the rich’s pathway . It is of great essence to remember that the rich create the jobs, so that the poor can become rich, or at least aspire to be better. The tax system has successfully introduced a dominance in the hearts and lifestyles of people living within heavily taxed environments; this dominance already exists, but before long will lead to a crumbled and heavily beggarly economy. In saying this, these points are very important to how a government runs its nations, and may very well be the survival of that nation;

1. Don’t punish the rich for aspiring to become better and more productive, or people aiming to become better so that they can give their children a better stance in life in the future. By doing this, you do not play ‘fair’, but plainly tell people in your economy to be average and lazy.
Tax invasion is a crime, so also is overpriced taxation. Benefits is an opportunity: a humanitarian act by tax payers, not a road map to wealth for the lazy. A balance of proper, and considerate tax rates with proper benefits packages for the * needy, will bring about stability to an economy. Try overpricing taxes, and though it may work for a while, give it 10-15 years and a once vibrant and wealthy economy will be crying out for skilled labour and striving for business opportunities. The danger of this is he legacy that’s left to the younger generation, where they no longer trust the country they once held in esteem. It is safe to say that no matter how wealthy, and ‘organised’ a Nation is, the probability of her downfall is one that occurs suddenly, but yet flashed signals of warning for a while before her fall.
One of the worst things a Nation can do to herself is punish the rich for aspiring to become better, achieve more and spread their wings! OnCe a Nation begins to border tax rates on the high earners who most times do the heaviest mental work, they are progressively beckoning on a shock wave downfall. This is an inevitable occurrence. Why?
A. You create an invisible wall hindering the people to want to aspire to be better.
B. You reward the lazy for being lazy and non aspiring
C. You reward people for making decisions that they cannot keep up with.
D. You award greed a Medal of Honor and Shaun the bowls of mercy.
E. You play with the emotions and reasonings of your best asset ‘the hardworking residents and nationals’ and proudly support your cause of action.

2. Don’t make excuses and payments for decisions people make for themselves. The government is there to govern and not to father.

3. Place a mandatory learning timeline for High school graduates. Get their minds activated towards innovation, entrepreneurship and inventions while they are young and productive. Make the youths understand that dropping out of school without a vision or plan of what it is they want to do with their lives is not a productive option, but an option that tends towards a divide and ultimately bias. Create opportunities for the youths and involve them in your economic and structural planning. Bypass them, and you will have them to contend with.
4. Don’t forget the future. Plan 50 years in advance.
Without God a nation will perish. If a government lacks visionaries it is setting herself up for failure. Have visionaries at the fore-front: the Church of God is filled with visionaries! Every nation that has been affiliated with visionaries has always prospered if the government of that nation listened to the visionaries. Visionaries see far beyond the ordinary eyes and mind. God reveals to them the future of an economy, and how to tackle challenges. For a nation to survive for a century and more, it has to have visionaries at her fore front, lining the sky and putting in place the necessary structures for the future.

In my final key-note on this topic, governments should remember that ‘without people, a nation loses strength and credibility’. If your economy has overpriced/high tax rates and has majority of its income and skills coming from non-indigenes or immigrants than its locally people, it’s only a matter of time before the economy will reach rock bottom and all that will remain of great value will be the historic buildings and leisure spots and not the skills and experience she needs to sustain and strengthen herself with. Wisdom is key.

Compiled by Emma Ilori.

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