Hurricane sandy be no more


Hello all. Just on the news of Hurricane sandy and though its still away from landfall, we would rather pray that it be still and weather out without destroying lives and properties. Every life is precious to God, ever moment dear; it could be a brother, sister, friend, mum, dad, or relative caught up in the middle of a devastating hurricane. Pray everyone for the Northwest of the United States that could be affected by this hurricane…

And so Father we pray that the storm named sandy predicted to adversely affect the north west of the United States will be cut-off and removed from the atmosphere. We pray that the lives of your children, single mums and dads, sisters, brothers and loved ones be preserved and that their properties be preserved also. We declare peace upon the atmosphere and we do so in Faith, knowing that if we have Faith as small as a mustard seed, we can say unto any situation be thou still and it will obey; hurricane sandy be removed in the Name of Jesus. Thank you Lord. Amen.

We will continue to declare this throughout the weekend, while we see The Lord work His works… Have a lovely Sunday all.


  1. Amen and in agreement w/your prayer. Household has been praying since the news broke. Mark 4:39. God is faithful.

  2. Jesus said to the storm in Mark 4:39 Peace be still. and the winds ceased and the waves were stilled. Amen. mumu91

    • Hello Muriel,

      Yes! A great reminder of the authority we have been endowed with. For as Christ is, so are we in this world…. So as Christ said, so we say ‘Hurricane sandy, Peace be still’. Thank you Lord, and thank you Muriel for this timely reminder.

  3. Good Afternoon Mary,

    Thank you for your words. The Lord is definitely working behind the scenes. Via the news, we’ve heard that hurricane sandy has destroyed 60 lives in the Carribean in the last week, and we say no to it claiming more lives. The people around us matter, because they matter to The Lord. North Carolina and the surrounding states, we pray that the peace of God will encompass your environment, and hurricane sandy will be no more. In the Name of Jesus. Amen. Mary get your family and friends praying, and join us as weary also.

  4. amen, lovely prayer and may God Almighty hear and answer. thank you.

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