Praying for the families of One-year-old Oliwier Baczyk and two-year-old Zofia Tabaka

Losing a loved one is painful enough, but losing a child who was perfectly well and whole to a road side accident is so painful that only the Lord and His word can heal the deep wound that threatens to go deeper if not tended to.

Here is praying for the mother’s and families of One-year-old Oliwier Baczyk and two-year-old Zofia Tabaka who were both killed last week by a car that crashed into their buggies.


We pray that the Lord will heal your hearts and minds, and that His love will encompass your beings and grow beyond words in your lives in Jesus Name. We pray that the Lives that these two lovely kids lived will bring smiles unto your faces and that the consolation that they are in the Lord’s bosom will be a soothing knowledge in your lives. We pray that your families will grow stronger together at this time, and that guilt and pain will have no place in you, but the healing that God gives will be yours now and always. In Jesus Name. Amen

We love you and will be praying with and for you through this time.

Find Full story here:

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