Away from His presence? Find solace in His presence.

When I don’t spend time with the Lord for some time, I’ve discovered that I begin to feel empty and crave for His presence tirelessly. Is this the case with you? For me it’s like craving for a favourite food that I haven’t had for sometime. When this begins to happen, I know I just may be spending less time in His presence, and more time being busy.

Surprisingly I figured out why this happens and I’d give a Hint to better illustrate my findings:

”  My mobile phone needs to be charged every 72 hours or it would automatically run out of charge, and I won’t be able to communicate with friends and family. It’s the same  when I don’t charge myself up with the Word, prayers, study and fellowship with the Holy Ghost. The less charge I get, the more empty I become!”

Secondly,  ” I can’t assume to function effectively outside my manufacturers specifications.

For in His presence there is fullness of joy and at His right hand pleasures evermore. ..

Oh what joy it is when we raise our hands in worship and praise, and He dances with us as we sing and adore Him in Spirit and in truth. His love just floods my heart when I do this and I just wat to worship and sing to Him. He is indeed God over all gods, King over all kings, Lord over all lords and the Prince of peace.

At this time of celebration, immense competition and overwhelming activities, I ask that we all take out time to lift our hands in worship to the Lord. Let’s spend time in His presence, with His Word and dine with Him. For in all these, we will indeed find solace, peace and joy in His presence. If you feel overwhelmed, just lift your hands and say ‘Lord I surrender all to you, and I trust you immensely to walk me through this’.

Till tomorrow when we share again, have a lovely, sunny saturday all. Cheers.

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