Prayer for the 2012 Olympic Season in London

Hello all. Its been a fruitful, beautiful and awesome month and we are progressively concluding the month of July with the start up of the 2012 Olympic games. Awesome right.

At this time I strongly believe we should pray for the Lord’s kids all around London, including visiting participants, families and loved one’s. Lets spend some time praying for people around London… Lets spend sometime on our knees interceding for lives, because the Lord is in the business of saving lives and He loves us equally.

So, In the attitude of prayer and praise as the Olympics progresses we will drop a few lines of words/scriptures to share with you all everyday. Oh, please drop your lines also… we would so love to hear from you.

So until we share again, Love you all.

To leave your comments, click the ‘No Comments‘ tab below to leave your lines, or just leave your lines. Thank you.


  1. Okay just watched the opening ceremony and all I could see and marvel at is how the Lord has mightily blessed us and made us beautiful, energetic, creative and innovative. Praying with TBOYB during this magnificent time

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