Pray for Tony Nicklinson

Many may support Tony’s decision and appeal to end his life, but we do believe there is a God and His Name is Jesus. It is not the Father’s pleasure to see His creation suffer… No! He loves us despite all and is the author of Life. We choose to pray for Tony…. We choose to speak life into his body…. we choose to say YES to Jesus.

Tony you are a man of strength, you’ve got many more years to enjoy and share with your family, the world and friends. We posted a prayer for you on Daily Mail online and as today, we had 39 people thumb down our prayer and say ‘YES’ to you ending your life…. Healing is a choice…. CHOOSE HEALING.

Here is our Prayer Tony:

A man can only take his life or ask someone to if he gave himself life from the onset. Tony, you have a right to live, you have a right to be healed, you have a right to enjoy another 30 or more years ahead; choose this choice. Many will say they do not believe there is a God, I will tell you there is a God, His name is Jesus. I have seen people with cancer get healed, I’ve seen people left to die rise up and live full and healthy lives. Yours is not different: choose life. Your family need you, the world needs you, your friends need you, I need you alive Tony. We choose to pray for you, Jesus loves you and we love you loads. Here is praying that ‘the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead will vitalise your mortal body’, in Jesus Name. Everyday say to yourself ‘I will get out of this, in Jesus Name’ and indeed He will visit you.


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