A letter to my Loved mum.


You didn’t get to see my first child
You didn’t get to see the boys marry God fearing women
You didn’t get to grow old and grey with Mike like you wanted
But the most excellent event of all, you are able to make: meeting Christ and dancing and worshipping Him.
I didn’t get to give you the earrings I promised
I didn’t get to buy you the things I wanted to buy for you
You most probably would have said “Nkechi you didn’t have to”…..
You gave and didn’t expect us to give back as a reward
You gave out of a pure heart
You gave without holding back.

You thought us about God
You thought us about the things that matter in Life
You thought us to follow God and be patient and live in His promise.
Thank You Mum.
Remember the songs you would type and print out for us to learn?
Remember the Night Vigils?
Remember the tapes you would record and send down to us to listen to you talk to us?
Remember the pecks and kisses?
Thank You Mum.
You had expectations, and we will meet them and surpass them by the power of the Holy Spirit!
We will carry your lessons and expand on them!
We will be the Best at what we do and make the Lord the centre of our lives always!
Because at the end what really and truly counts is His Word and His purpose for our lives!
Mum you live on! You dance with the Lord and I can imagine the HUGE smile on your face as you dance with Him…..
I miss you, we miss you and we will always love and keep the experiences and memories we had together. NKECHI

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