Is there healing from losing a child?


Is there healing when you loose a child either prematurely, via a miscarriage or via something that happened? Is there a way to remove the pain and move ahead? Where was God? What did I do wrong?

These are questions you may have and need answers to ….. read the full article here.

Why get angry if you do not believe?

I believe God and in God, I also believe that vegetables have effective healing abilities; but I do not get angry at people who do not believe in God or in vegetables. So why do people get angry and slander Christians for believing in the Lord?

Kevin Sorbo

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Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) has this perspective- Watch on  Fox News

You are Beautiful!

With the rumblings of scattered dreams comes the desire to give it all up.. With the loss of a dear one comes the questioning of the fairness of life… With the pain of a broken heart comes the flood of insufficiency and inadequacy…. And with the struggle to become more comes the constant collision of […]

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Destiny crying out…. Part 1

Good morning all and Happy Sunday. I am seated by my TV watching Grace Unpluged and i am brought to tears. Tears of Hunger to do more and fulfil destiny. Tears shed not for myself or the millions of ideas and things i have chased, but the cry to fulfil destiny and live my life […]

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DECISIONS: What you need is WISDOM

For Christ has been made unto you wisdom! Hey! Hey! Do you need direction concerning a matter, idea, issue, decision, challenge? Do you feel trapped in a bubble? Do you feel caved in? Christ died that His wisdom might be yours! He is your wisdom. That decision that seems so hard to make, is but […]

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Do you know any Teen parent?

You are a saviour, You were saved to save others! That’s why Jesus did all He did, for as He is, so are you in this world. Do you know any teenage mum, or teenage mum to be? Do you know any teenage dad, or teenage dad to be? We are passionate about teen parents, […]

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The uncertainties & The solution

Thoughts of Life….. The seriousness of Life The displaced emotion heights of teenage life The hungry pursuit of achievement from the early 20’s The hard search for lasting championship from another The frustrating pursuit of purpose The hard work of parenthood The gaping almost frightful reality of ageing The fear of what to live on […]

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Your Family, Your Future

Family is a force to do you good all the days of your life and is unconditional. Thus the enemy will do so much to disrupt this force and make it conditional! Matthew 24:1, Vs 12 If the foundation on which a family is built is wrong, destroyed, then the outcome will be pain, anger, regret and […]

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FEAR, a bondage!

Afraid of the future? Afraid about tomorrow, your career, your business, your welfare? Conscious of these fears? Would you take a moment: close your eyes, bow your head and say: ‘Lord God, please help me. I am afraid of …….., I lay these fears at your feet and take up your peace. I trust you […]

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Get up, dust yourself and be Happy!

Discouraged? Sad? Tired of life? What you feel now is just a feeling, and feelings are fickle and don’t last long except you give them the power to rule you life! Hey! Jesus is with you, He is calling out with outstretched arms. He loves you! He wants you to reach out and invite Him […]

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